How To's

What’s Inside the Eco Kit?

Inside the Eco Kit, you will find everything you need to assist you with labelling and securing the Eco Tubs:

Cable Ties to secure the tubs once packed.

Scribble Chalk to label the tubs once packed.

Clippers to cut the Cable Ties to unpack tubs.

  • To Open Lid

    Our tubs have a simply interlocking lid to save you time. Gently lift the lid.

  • Leave Open Whilst Packing

    The flaps will fold outwards so you can pack with no obstruction.

  • Close Lids Once Tub is Packed

    Once the tub is packed, fold the lids inwards, holding a flap with each hand and then interlock the lids to close.

Writing On Eco Tubs

When you hire our tubs, we provide complimentary hire of our Eco Kit. Inside the kit, you will find 2 x Scribble Chalks.

This not only makes it easy and fun to label what is packed in each tub but also makes it easier for our cleaners when cleaning the tubs after each and every use.

Securing Eco Tubs

Also, inside the Eco Kit, you will find cable ties and clippers. The cable ties can be looped through the holes at the end of each tub.