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What are the tubs sizes?


Dimensions: 55cm x 36cm x 30cm.
Volume: 61L
Weight: 3kg
Maximum weight: 5kg (excluding tub weight)


Dimensions: 55cm x 36cm x 38cm
Internal Volume: 75L
Tub weight: 3.5kg
Maximum carry weight: 5kg (excluding tub weight)


Dimensions: 63cm x 52cm x 60cm
Internal Volume: 148L
Tub weight: 8kg
Maximum carry weight: 5kg (excluding tub weight)

What is in the Eco Kit?

Inside the Eco Kit, you will find everything you need to assist you with labelling and securing the Eco Tubs:

Cable Ties to secure the tubs once packed.

Scribble Chalk to label the tubs once packed.

Clippers to cut the Cable Ties to unpack tubs.

Can the tubs be purchased?

Unfortunately, our tubs cannot be purchased. Hiring allows all our customers to experience the benefits of the tubs.

What are your hire periods?

There is a minimum hire of two weeks but you can hire the tubs for as long as required. 

I already have tubs and need more, can I place another order?

Yes, you can order more. There may be an additional delivery fee. It’s always best to contact us if you require more tubs. 

Do I need to be there for the delivery and pick up?

Yes, you will need to be there for both occasions to ensure items have been delivered and collected.

Can you do the move for me?

Please click this link for more information to assist in your relocation

Can I extend the hire more than originally planned?

We can certainly extend if required, just send us an email to extend.

Can I change the booking date?

No problem, everyone’s circumstance changes. Simply, email us.

How is payment made?

Payment is taken at checkout.

I have broken the tub, what do I do?

Since we started in 2013, we have yet to see one of our tubs damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, you may be charged for a replacement. Please get in touch with us as soon as this occurs to organise a replacement and continue packing.

When are the tubs cleaned?

The tubs are thoroughly cleaned prior to delivery

Can I pick up the tubs?

Unfortunatey, at this point in time we are unable to offer pick up.